From Sabae to All of The World, All for The Highest Comfort

Frame manufacture in Sabae City, Fukui, covers more than 90 % of the domestic production. In 1956, CHARTMANT started manufacturing spare parts such as RIVETs and then expanded to producing complete frames and surface treatments, becoming a comprehensive eyewear manufacturer.

Armed with technological innovation and creative ideas, CHARMANT began its journey towards the international market. Eventually, thanks to constant efforts and excellent product quality, CHARMANT became one of the TOP frame manufacturers in the world.

A VR Tour of CHARMANT Factory

In CHARMANT NAMIKI St. GINZA, we have the latest VR (Virtual Reality) technology, which means you can “visit” the CHARMANT factory, located 500 km away, in just 5 minutes. To see what the factory looks like and discover how CHARMANT’s delicate glasses are made, find all the answers here. The CHARMANT VR Tour: an incredible undertaking, exclusively at CHARMANT NAMIKI St. GINZA.

Optimal Material for Eyeglass Frames

Excellence Titan

All for the highest comfort! Having set itself the challenge of developing the best frame material, CHARMANT reached new heights in eyewear technology. Following an eight-year joint research journey with Tohoku University, the world authority in metallurgical research, CHARMANT created Excellence Titan. With valuable properties such as high flexibility, superior memory function and broad design capability, Excellence Titan débuted in the optical industry as the very first Nickel-Free memory Titanium alloy.

As the optimal frame material, Excellence Titan ensures superior wearing comfort and durability.

The Best Combination of Advanced and Practiced Technology, All for Your Own Exclusive Eyeglasses

Highest Comfort Comes from Concentrating on Research and Development

Over 10 years ago, CHARMANT, together with the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), began studying the head shapes of the Japanese people with the aim of enhancing frame design.

CHARMANT then improved frame parts based on a newly developed head-shape database: a refined curvature of the temples ensures a comfortable and secure fit; specially designed nose pads reduce pain; broader end tips bring about a secure fit and disperse pressure evenly around ears and head.

Making the Most of Material: Laser Micro-Welding

After 5 years co-development with the Joining and Welding Research Institute, Osaka University, and the Fukui Industrial Support Centre, we have perfected laser micro-welding.

This technology allows connections to be made to point dimensions thinner than a pen nib. Now it’s  possible to realise frame structures that have unprecedented slenderness and beauty.

The Beauty of Handicrafts

CHARMANT’s unique painting technology makes comprehensive colour design possible. The tiny parts of the frame are painted by the hands of skilful craftsmen.

CHARMANT’s delicate products combine the most advanced technology with the traditional skills of experienced craftsmen, taking you into an incredible world of superior eyeglasses.